To impart to others the sheer energy of delight in being, you need Muriel A. Stockdale. She is uniquely insightful at spotting the beauty that is reflected in the practices of individually enlightened, delighted people, and of harnessing media to convey the energy that beauty imparts to viewers. And as  the founding director of The Institute for Spiritual Entertainment she has cultivated a vast network of superb media makers to draw on for Raasa contributions.
“Imparting the positive energy that can support or even add to someone’s delight in being is the most rewarding use of my skills, network, and desire to serve. Raasa media products and services will be so powerful and so beautiful that people will eagerly recommend our brand and services. That’s my vision, my responsibility to the product, and my promise.”  Muriel A. Stockdale
Ms. Stockdale’s attraction to delight is the natural product of deep introspection, many years of asking what makes joy happen, and a dedicated pursuit of answers to life’s question of meaning. This personal path ultimately led her to find sustainable joy and enthusiasm and gave her the ambition to impart the same results to others. Along the journey she discovered that a rich, elegant and beautiful audio-visual presentation could seamlessly capture the elements that uplift the spirit and she began to envision a need for Raasa HD media services and distribution.
Stockdale’s quest introduced her to a myriad of body, soul and spirit traditions and many beautiful ways of expressing sacred and sanctified existence. During these explorations she developed close associates in the fields of alternative healing, self-development, meditation, exercise and therapeutic practices. These alliances will be cultivated for both revenue and as a launching pad for viral marketing of Raasa’s online and DVD media.
As a result of expanding her career in order to produce uplifting entertainment Muriel was commissioned to write the book for a new musical version of the classic Hindu scripture, RAMAYANA. She has also completed her original screenplay, GABRIEL’S FLIGHT. And she is most proud to be writer, producer and director of the award winning short documentary, NEW YORK CITY SPIRIT.
Furthermore, as the founding director of The Institute for Spiritual Entertainment – New York (ISE-NY), a grass roots organization dedicated to supporting entertainment artists in their efforts to develop uplifting, and nourishing media, Ms. Stockdale is the center of a vast network of experienced makers of inspired media. This web of enlightened media will act as foundational marketing arteries for Raasa, promoting the subscription product within their spheres of influence, as well as contributing editorial material to the Raasa magazine.
Stockdale’s eye for beauty has manifested itself in numerous disciplines, but all her projects have come to successful fruition. Her career started when she secured a federal grant and formed a theater company in rural Vermont. Next she moved to New York where she directed several shows in NYC and in New England, performed onstage, crewed backstage, designed scenery, and managed costume shops. Soon Disney, NBC, ABC, and PBS, began turning to Muriel for their costume design.  So did dozens of US and European regional theaters, world-renowned, award winning performers, directors, writers, and composers such as Edward Albee, Richard Adler, Colleen Dewhurst, Adriana Trigiani, Tony Roberts, S. Epatha Merkeson and Kermit the Frog. Wanting to “pay forward” the rich lessons of her career, Muriel taught at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Graduate Design Department. Her first solo art show, E PLURIBUS, was on display with the Lab Gallery of the Roger Smith Hotel for the summer of 2004 and at the White Silo in Sherman, Connecticut in October of 2005. October 2006 saw her costume creations in the feature film, “Conversations with God” produced and directed by Stephen Simon. In the spring of 2007 Stockdale’s costumes for puppets will debut in a new Broadway production of “Carnival”.