Sales and Marketing
If you needed to find a marksman at launching new companies in emerging markets, you would want Susan Storms. Her track record for bringing companies to market, and marketing them into thriving businesses, spans the industries of radio, network TV, cable and the internet…. and now it will be put to work for Raasa’s clients.
In radio she started on the launch team of Dick Clark’s radio network, The United Stations, where she perfected the power of publicity in creating business to business marketing for the national roll out of weekly syndicated programming.
She went on to co-found The Promotional Broadcast Network, developers of interactive entertainment, that  reached over 33% of the country in 2005, running on major radio stations in seven of the top ten markets, and utilizing all major phone services.
For the Fox Network, (the fourth television network) launch tour of 1987 Ms. Storms organized a multi city/cross country promotional mall tour, and demonstrated the power of grassroots promotion.
Time Warner’s Citicable hired Susan to devise the Business to Business marketing campaign in the New York City region. So successful was the launch and build that Time Warner moved Ms. Storms to run sales for their high profile, local news programming; NY1.  
In 1996 she left the cable field and found Yoyodyne, an internet marketing and promotion firm. It was with owner Seth Godin that the “permission marketing” phrase was coined to position the company with potential clients and advertising agencies. A phrase that was to launch not only Yoyodyne, but also an entire marketing paradigm.
Her internet experience continued with 24/7 Media, a banner ad network, and it was her first experience at a successful IPO. Her second came at MyPoints- A loyalty rewards company that integrated data base marketing with online membership. As the Chief Revenue Officer she witnessed firsthand the profitability of targeted relationship marketing.
“Socially responsible, in-tune people who are seeking to better themselves and their world is the next great business wave,” says Ms. Storms,” and Raasa will enable them to use all the media tools of the commercial world to get their message across.”
Susan can be reached directly at 917 838-1415